Blue topaz and amethyst ring


Sterling silver, blue topaz and amethyst ring.


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By combining blue topaz and amethyst with sterling silver and gold details, this ring has a unique, asymmetric appearance that makes it stand out. With a silver band of interlocking, fluid strands, and additional gold wire details this ring could compliment any outfit and sit alongside a range of different metals and stones.

Straying from the typical orange form of topaz, this blue shade does occur naturally but this is very rare so colourless topaz is heat treated to give this crisp, fresh colour.

Beautifully complimenting the summery blue is the rich purple of the amethyst. Amethyst is a violet quartz stone whose name comes from the Greek words for ‘not’ and ‘intoxicated’ – coming from an ancient belief that the stone had powers which could protect the wearer from drunkenness.


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