Goose on a key


Goose sat on a key from the Beastie Assemblage series by Linda Lovatt.

‘Created from copper and fragments of the past.’

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In need of an individual gift? How about this goose!?

This happy goose with a pretty china wing, twirled brass beaded tail, soldered tin beak and brass wire webbed feet struts along an antique iron key with a ceramic flower, he is finished in crystaline verdigris and is 110mm from head to toe.

“Whilst digging my garden I found old bits of china in the soil, they were like pieces of buried treasure to me. So I started making these little beasties with them using some scraps of copper from my husband’s workshop. Now I search around antique and vintage shops looking for chipped teacups and lonely saucers to supplement my garden finds.”


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