Sweet dreams charm bracelet


Beautifully detailed sterling silver charm bracelet including gold details, moving features, and a T-bar fastening.

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This splendid sweet dreams charm bracelet by Nick Hubbard exemplifies the complexity and beauty of his skill and imagination!

The bracelet has 16 individual silver and gold charms on an oxidised silver link chain. The first tag is Nicks trademark – an engraved brick and bean. The next pair of charms is a silver cloud engraved with ‘sweet dreams’ and a detailed cat. The next pair is a cloud saying ‘midnight rendezvous’ and a window containing a gold moon and two stars.

The next pair is a cloud engraved with ‘when the cat’s away…’ along with a silver mouse on wheels. Then, a silver book on ‘Fishing made easy’ opens to reveal a gold fish next to a cloud showing ‘food for thought’. The next pair is another cloud engraved with ‘Catch me’ beside a silver tree with a gold bird. Next, a silver cloud with ‘got it!’ on its surface, and a silver ‘cream’ jug.

The final charms are a trio –  a silver number 9, a silver tag saying ‘precious’, and finally a silver tag with ‘9 lives’. Finally, the stone in the T-bar fastening is turquoise.

Exquisite detail for an exquisite gift!

Size: L: 18.6cm, W: 2.3cm


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