Sterling silver starfish charm bracelet


Adorable starfish charm bracelet in sterling silver. Matching earrings and pendant available.

This adorable, dainty bracelet features five small starfish charms hanging from a fine sterling silver chain. With its simple form and delicate structure, this bracelet offers some subtle detail and a quirky design.

Starfish have come to represent a variety of meanings for a number of different groups. In Christianity they can be seen as symbols of the Virgin Mary, infinite love, guidance, vigilance, inspiration and brilliance. In Egyptian mythology, meanwhile, the symbol is associated with the guardian goddess Isis. Romans similarly attached the image to the goddess of love, Venus, while the Starfish clan was a tribe of Native Americans. With ties to so many meanings and locations it is easy to see how the animal has become a well known image across the world.

Silver starfish bracelet B1906


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